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Yes, We Can (Order a Country to Suspend Criminal Prosecution and Extradition): Hydro v. Albania Redux

An update, if not an epilogue, to the Hydro v. Albania saga. As described in our prior post, the ICSID arbitration tribunal in that case had imposed interim measures directing the Albanian government to suspend its prosecution of two of the individual claimants and its efforts to extradite them to Albania. A UK judge then … Continue Reading

Can International Arbitrators Order a Country to Stop Criminal Proceedings?

On July 7, 2016, a UK judge said yes, suspending the extradition of two men to Albania in compliance with an order of a tribunal in an international arbitration those men had brought against the Albanian government. The Albanian government quickly relented, dropping its extradition request and effectively accepting the arbitrators’ dictate. Hydro S.r.L. v. … Continue Reading