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Congress Overturns Presidential Veto on FSIA, Authorizing Suits Against Saudi Arabia for September 11

The U.S. Congress overturned a veto by President Obama allowing families of the victims of September 11 to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts. While the U.S. domestic politics will be debated elsewhere (like everything else this election season), we want to focus on the terms of the legislation and the legal cases underpinning from … Continue Reading

Supreme Court to Resolve Pleading Standard for Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Claims

The Supreme Court granted certiorari recently in Helmerich & Payne International v. Venezuela, to resolve a circuit split about the proper pleading standard needed to allege an expropriation claim under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) that survives a motion to dismiss. Is raising some facts that could show an expropriation enough to survive a … Continue Reading